catherine dudley-rose's acting career

Spending six seasons with the Joanne Woodward sponsored Red Earth Ensemble, invited by founding member(s)  Allison Janney, Matthew Carnahan, and Bill Hill (CJ - West Wing, Trinity - writer, Graduate Broadway Tour), Catherine had the fortune of acting, writing, directing, producing, and all that encompasses a strong non-profit nyc theatre.  Acting in award-winning Harvey Huddleston’s plays, being directed by Rich Lichte, and filmmaker Shannon McMahon, set the tone for things to come.

With John Patrick Shanley, Rob Morrow, and leaders in the film and stage
industry, Catherine worked at Vassar New York Stage and Film, and taught the Powerhouse apprentice company the Meisner acting technique in their six week program.  Again, the Powerhouse program puts writers, directors and actors together to create some of the most stunning works of contemporary theatre and film.

Further West reviewed by Aileen Jacobson "There's nothing romantic or elegant in these prostitutes' working lives - though there is in their yearnings and dreams. Catherine Dudley gives an affecting performance. "...insightful and touching...very good." -Maya T. Amis, Greenwich Village Press "...impressed by the talent and commitment to the work...Bravo!" -Joanne Woodward

“I cannot think of anything more satisfying than teaching the meisner acting technique and watching people’s sense of self and openess just shoot through the roof! Of course, many people cannot stand it, but I love it dearly. Also, it’s interesting that Meisner was additionally a classically trained musician.”

Turn on NYC TV ~ kelly choi selected and interviewed catherine this year on on an episode of Secrets of New York in the East Village, NYC. Later cath rocked the house in Los Angeles with “the Screaming Cocktail Hour”  band at the Four Seasons Ballroom in Beverly Hills, for producer and friend Kelly Crean. < the Screaming Cocktail Hour is a TV pilot and one of many Creanspeak Production Projects >

Combining violin and acting seems at once both strange and natural.  IN conference with artists such as Arthur Miller, Len Jenkins, and Jean Claude van Itallie, Catherine was the Narrator and arranged and played the music for The Group by renown Soviet playwright Alexander Galin. This was a part of the International Theatre Festival at River Arts headed by Michael Christofer (Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, screenwriter and director), and Larry Sacharow (award winning director of Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women).  Catherine returned to perform there again and later developed a solo performance piece with Jean Claude van Itallie through Playwright’s Horizons called Breaking the String.




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