from catherine dudley (2005)

1. overdose soul (3:50)

the single by catherine dudley

2. joyful girl (2:47)

song by ani difranco, sampled for guitar

3. left of center (3:25)

song by suzanne vega

4. for (5:20)

catherine dudley vocals & violins, arrangements 1 through 4. additional keyboards, flute, etc... on 3, song & lyrics- 1 & 4

lovel ramsay beatmaster & voice of "now" -1, drum loop - 3, beatmaster for 4, produced & recorded 4 @ lolex studios, nyc

jay ward slide guitar, bass, and additional programming on track 3, mixed 3 @ dogbrain music, nyc

bryant falk recorded vocals, violins, keyboards/flte etc... on 1-3, and first mixes @ abacus audio, nyc

staycee additional vocals on 4

what "!" ho: orginal vocals for 1, recorded by bill & max janoff

tracks 1-4 recorded @ lolex studios nyc, abacus audio nyc, and dogbrain music nyc

photos by bfalkf and acohen
design & packaging by scolantonio
hair by anna from soon new york

© catherine dudley 2005




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other tracks featuring catherine


song by Tom Dybek

catherine dudley violin

Dracworld (1:07)

sample of original music for  MTV pilot Dracworld.

catherine dudley violin
james d. conklin guitar

Quad (:13)

[sample clip]

produced and mixed by al maddy and scott steiner, mastered by ivan julian.




the Knitting Factory... Spoletto Festival USA... 91.1 WFMU... Fez... CBGB’s... Carolina Coliseum... Stad du France... “Catherine Dudley plays a mean violin!” - Dudley Stone

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