Catherine Dudley-Rose has received rave reviews as an actress in Newsday, Backstage, TheatreWeek, the Scotsman, the Herald and the BBC.  She has performed violin for an audience of 80,000 and been the voice for Coke in the Stad du France, appeared on the Guiding Light, Double Platinum, Rear Window and worked on
many films.  

She was the Assistant Director for the Lawrence Kasdan Best Narrative
Award winning film Mother’s Blood.  Her own screenplay Parallel Chords has been optioned twice, and received a grant from the NEA.  She has developed music for MTV and numerous plays including John Strasberg’s production of Miss Julie.  She has been a session musician for the Quad Recording Studios, Motherwest NYC, Millrose Music, and Abacus Audio and others in NYC.  Catherine has taught acting at the Vassar / New York Stage & Film Summer Program and been a teaching artist for BTI - the Broadway Theatre Institute.


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